AD Migration with powershell and fun for all.

AD migration and Powershell more fun than…

And so we created 2200 users in 142 Organizational Units

So we created AD objects with powershell and it was good. While the script took us a little while to create and it probably could have been written better it got the job accomplished. When we are writing scripts I think it is important to remember we are not coders, we are not trying to write the perfect code or resell our code. If the job gets accomplished our script was successful, especially if it does no harm in the process. So when writing AD scripts be less concerned with the perfect code, and more concerned with testing it in a place that will cause no harm.

Once you have a script that will get the job done you can always post the script on line, and trust me people will point out where you went wrong. One good site to use that is helpful without being elitist is …


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