AD Migration with powershell and fun for all.

AD migration and Powershell more fun than…


I do not plan to talk about my dog or the next cool thing.  I want to focus on our current Active Directory Migration project, we will be using Microsoft’s Power shell tool, to manage almost every change, migration, structure, permission and file cleanup.

I hate blogs, they are the illiterate musings of unproven experts who typically are less concerned about their topic than how many people visit their site.

That being said welcome to my blog Here is some background to get that crap out of the way. I am currently the Senior Database Administrator for a Hospital.  I have worked in the IT field for about 14 years, during that time I have worked as a technician, network administrator, developer, client analyst, and database administrator. I believe the most important tool we can have as IT people is the ability to trouble shoot a problem. Find the problem and the solution will show itself.


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